Common Questions From Our Clients

Northgate Sewing Centre | Peachtree Quilt Shop is happy to provide you with information on our company and services. Here are our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why is my thread looping underneath the fabric?
Please check your top thread first. If your thread is looping on the bottom of your fabric, it most likely means that your thread is not in the “take-up” lever or the tension disc (located on top of your machine). If your thread is looping on top of the fabric, it means that the thread is not in the bobbin tension.

Where is your store located?
We are located at the Alpine Village Mall on 140 Albert Street, Regina, SK. Our store is on the west side of the street. There are other establishments in the mall, including Classic Buffet, Future Vision, and Tux & Tails.

How do you cut your fabrics?
We are a Canadian store, so we buy and sell our fabrics in metres. Our minimum cut is one-tenth of a metre. Our fat quarters measure approximately 20” by 22”.

Do you have other questions about sewing and quilting? Call us at 306-569-1552 or send us a message.

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