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Meet Our Team

Renee (The Bag Lady)

“Many moons ago, before temporary quilt basting spray or 1/2 square triangle paper, I witnessed a quilting demo. After only 2 minutes, I was sucked into the “quilting vortex,” and have been there ever since. Many thanks to K.O. We sure have had some good laughs.”


I started sewing by myself when I was only 7. I did take 4H sewing for a year and before I started high school home economics, I was already making all my own clothes and custom sewing for many family members. 
I made my first quilt in 1987, and I took my first quilting class in 1992. My mother said I could sew everything from cowboy boots to pantyhose. 


Quilting, bead work, knitting. . . to mention a few of her many talents. These are just a sampling of all the creative things Cheryl can do. She is never afraid to take on a new challenge. 


“I am a self-taught seamstress/quilter. At the age of 10, my mother enrolled me in a sewing class, and the instructor lets me make a three-piece suit. Since then, I have continued to learn various techniques in the sewing and quilting world, always looking for a challenge.” 


My Grade 9 Home Economics Class was my first exposure to sewing, Thank you Mrs. Marion Bateman. From that point, my sewing evolved from garment making, Stretch and Sew, to Quilting. Quilting remains my passion. It gives me the opportunity to continue learning and sharing.


Approximately 15 years ago I took my first quilting class at Peachtree Quilt Shop and a fire was lit. Since that time I have taken local workshops, classes in Houston & Hawaii. There is always something in the quilting arts to learn & share.