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Janome Free Motion Frame Quilting Feet Set

Quilting allows personalization way beyond just arranging patchwork or applique. Free Motion Quilting is a fantastic way of adding dimension to your quilts. Use templates for repeated designs or let yourself go with completely free hand designs. You can turn your quilt into a canvas by drawing with stitches, adding images, secondary designs or echos of your patchwork into any form your wish! Even sign your work by sewing your label by hand!

These Frame Quilting Feet are designed to be used with the Convertible Free Motion Foot Set, which is purchased separately. Containing an Open Toe frame quilting foot and 1/4″ Ruler Foot, these feet are ideal for use with quilting templates and stencils for Free Motion and Creative Designs!

When combined with the Convertible Free Motion foot set, the Frame Quilting feet will open up whole new worlds of sewing and quilting!